Heriot-Watt Professional Practice (Interior Design)

Please find below, files from Weeks 6 and Week 7 of E19IC, Interior Design for Professional Practice. I have provided these files here temporarily until the problem with VISION is rectified.


Week6: Time recap, and briefing for Gantt Chart for Bert’s Shop (PDF) IDCC PPT Time_EDI
Week6: Example project story: Alex’s house & office, Edinburgh (Powerpoint) TransDrawingBuilding_AlexMacLaren_HW_140916_SML

Week 7: Cost Lecture, Part 1 (Powerpoint) IDCC 7.1 PPT Cost P1
Week 7: Cost Lecture, Part 2 (Powerpoint) IDCC 7.4 PPT Cost P2
Week 7: example costings of London Visit (excel) IDCC 7.4 Ex 1 uk